Work-Life Balance Tips For Workaholics

Have you ever found yourself paranoid about work when you’re at home making dinner? Or out at a restaurant catching up with friends? That nagging thought never fails to interrupt the fun you have outside of work. Which means it time for some work-life balance. Create distance between your work life and personal life. The last thing you want is the people who are closest to you to resent you because all you think about is work. So how do you develop the disciple for work-life? First by understanding the benefits of keeping work life away from your personal life.


  1. Evenings + Weekends = Personal Time Not Work time.

You’re evenings and weekends are your personal time away from work. The work-life balance tip is that you need to set some boundaries if your evenings involve work. How do you stop yourself from working past 5 o’clock or on weekends when it’s not required?


I would explore time management and techniques. Re-evaluate and focus on items that are high on your priority list. Everything cannot be a priority. It’s time to speak up! Have a conversation with your manager to review what’s important. This way you’re not spending your well-deserved personal time on work.  I’ve done this so many times. Reviewing priorities always make me feel better.


  1. Home is your haven.

It should be a place to hide out from work life and have some down time.  Refrain from continuing to work when you get home. If you work from home, choose an area that is a work-free zone, it could be your bedroom, the living room or kitchen. You need a space that will help you turn off work. Know when to unplug. You want to be able to focus on your non-work life at some point in your day.

  1. Find a hobby.

This way you can break your work routine and focus your attention on something other than work.  If you don’t know what hobbies you’re interested, just try one, if you don’t like it move on. Keep going until this until you find something you enjoy doing. Get creative, search community activities. Join co-ed volleyball, softball, yoga, rock climbing, language class, Improv class or art class. Discover what sparks your interest. Make it a priority. Plan it into your schedule. I can’t stress enough that you need to do something other than work. This will force you to get out of the house.  Side note: for the single ladies out there, this I a great way to meet new people.


  1. Sleep is sacred.

Have you ever woke up panicking about an upcoming presentation or project deadline? This is what happens when work starts imposing itself on your sleep. Sleep is a time for your body to relax and regenerate itself. Guard your sleep time.  Don’t stay up worrying about work, because it won’t change anything.

If you’re the type of person who likes to work until wee hours of the night just to finish up what you’re working on. Realize lack of sleep doesn’t make you any more creative or alert. So you’re doing yourself a disservice by staying up late. Give you body and mind the rest it needs. There’s so much power in having a full night sleep. Remember that!


So, what ways do you try to achieve work-life balance?


Stay balanced!