Finding Work Life Balance during Christmas Festivities? It’s Easy If You do it Smart

Finding work life balance during Christmas festivities can seem difficult to do. Especially when you feel torn between a demanding job/studies and your personal life. When work or college is priority,  you find yourself missing out on family time, hanging out with friends and with people you wished you spent more time with. You may feel like your missing out because you’re also super dedicated to your professional life. Choosing appropriately between working life and your personal life is the key to work life balance especially during Christmas festivities.

Sometimes you just have to realize there will always be more work than hours in a day to complete. Reflect on the moments you feel torn between work life and Christmas festivities. Ask yourself these questions  to help you decide whether you should stay late at the office or have some with family and friends.

Ask yourself:

  • If I leave to attend the office Christmas party, will I be in the safe zone for meeting my project deadline?
  • Work is pilling up, if I stay late will I honestly be able check a least two important items off my to-do list?
  • If I work over the weekend, will I miss out on memorable Christmas activities or tradition with my family?
  • I’m collaborating on a project, am I able to efficiently help my co-worker who I plugging away before I leave for girls night out?


The key of work-life balance, is to evaluate the status of your work load. Before you head off to your Christmas festivities, take a look at your to-do list. If you feel on top of everything then it’s probably a good sign to shut down for the day. But if you’re feeling bogged down by all the year-end work then you need a strategy. Try setting small milestones each day, for all the work you need to accomplish.  This will help you easily decide if it’s appropriate to shut down and have some fun.

Stay Balanced!


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