Work and Play

“Work doesn’t work without play” – Shonda Rhimes

My friend and blogger from Be Encouraged recently sent me a TED Talk video by Shonda Rhimes which, of course, I had to share here because I found it SO relevant to this blog.

To give you a quick summary, Shonda takes us on a journey of her work life as a producer and creator. Through it all she finds the importance and necessity of play. Intentionally taking moments out of work to stop, have fun and enjoy life.
Like I said before, this video speaks to the essence of this blog which is why I’m so delighted to share it.

After watching the video I was motivated to find my play again. I always get caught up in my routine and to-do list that I neglect time for me, time to play. I will admit that sometimes I get out of balance. But I’m on a continuous journey to finding balance between work and play. If you’re like me and neglect to find time play, don’t be hard on yourself. Every day you wake up choose to do an activity for enjoyment and recreation, whether it be watching a movie, joining a co-ed sports team, baking, or reading your favourite magazine. Giving yourself those moments of fun could be the fuel you need to be revitalized.

So! Do you make time for play? What are some ways you play? I’d love to hear from you.

P.S. If you find videos, posts, quotes or other types media that relate to finding balance, feel free to send the link to so I can feature it on the site. Let’s build a community!


Stay Balanced!

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