Find Out How You Can Avoid Being So Busy So You Can Live Stress Free


“Focus on being productive instead of busy” – Timothy Ferriss

Every person has their challenges with being busy. It’s the norm that’s become a part of our lives. It’s become second nature to say “I can’t I’m soooo busy” or “I can’t go because I’m busy at work this week”.

In our personal lives, we can be busy because we have things to do I on top of work. Conflicting appoints, emergencies with our cars, our health you name it. We maybe busy because of projects with devastatingly-short turnarounds at the office. Which may result in late nights at the office. Sometimes we slip up and procrastination can cause work to pile up on us.

As a result, we often feel like we’re on the verge of emotional collapse and physical exhaustion. But we never reach out for help.

Let’s avoid being “so busy”. Instead of feeling like our life is out of control and wishing our it was different. Here are some changes we can make.

Plan it out:

Plan out everything in your head so it’s not swirling around overwhelming you. Get it on paper so you can look at it. Change your focus: Get your mind off the busyness. Because dwelling on it is probably stressing you out more than the task itself. How about making adjustments to your commitments? Maybe it’s time to say no to some things. Schedule less stuff into your schedule.


Adjust your schedule:

We love filling our calendars to the brim. We sign up for many yoga classes. New courses. Dinner with friends. We book many meetings in a single day. But here’s what you gotta do, resist the urge of filling your day to the brim with activities. Start saying to yourself, “I could definitely schedule more “stuff” into my schedule…….but I don’t want to.”


Value your time:

We can choose how we spend our time. If you want free time make it that way. Learn to say no. Remember you’re allowed to say no to things as long as it’s best for you. You don’t have to do things because of other people.

Stay focused on priorities

We can get addicted to things that are urgent because they demand our attention right. Especially when it comes to emails or texts. To diffuse these small emergencies, we drop everything that we’ve been juggle and shift our focus. Only to make ourselves feel more overwhelmed. So what you can do is learn not to phased by urgencies unless it’s something life threatening. Continue what you were working on. Don’t panic about how to solve the problem. Let your brain subconsciously solve it. By the end of the day, come back to the “emergency”, you’ll find your brain has already come up with a solution. You’ll find you’re not as stressed and tense. And most importantly, items on your to do list that would’ve been a priority get accomplished.


Focus on what’s in front of you:

According Anese Cavanaugh, founder of Dare to Engage, “Get really present to what is actually happening,” Cavanaugh says. “If I’m fully present in this moment, I do not feel busy.” Not focusing on all the things you have to do. Be present and focused on the one thing you are currently doing.


Change your perspective:

When you change your vocabulary, you change your perspective. there’s so much negative feelings towards being busy. Focus on the positives of all the things you’re doing that are making you busy. Think about how great it is that you’re travelling for work. How you’re working with people you never dreamed of working with. You’re creating cool stuff at work. Your improving as a person. Your challenges are helping you learn more about yourself and the world. Admire the things you’re doing instead of dreading it.

Remember everyone is dealing with the challenges of being busy. Never feel like you’re the only one. It’s a apart of life. Stressing about how overwhelmed you are is a waste of your precious and limited time.

I’d love to hear from you. Have any favourite methods that help you avoid the “I’m soooooo busy” complaint? The best discussions happen in the comments. So tell me about your methods now. Did you like this post? Then share it with all your friends.

Stay Balanced!