I Woke Up Like This: Why we wake up tired

Lately, I find myself reposting, sharing and even liking photos that talk that relate to my morning tiredness. Especially the struggle to get up for work!

It seems as though this is a feeling shared by many people on social media. I’ve seen multiple memes shared that relate to our feelings about getting up in the morning.

Exhibit A –via Facebook

wake up tired

Exhibit B – via Facebook

It has me thinking about why I’m so tired. Why are we so tired as a society? Why are we waking up unrested and groggy? It’s not a nice feeling and all I want is to wake up and feel rested for work.

So how does this change?

So I decided to do google this phenomenon. I asked google “why do I feel so tired in the morning?” and of course, the search results displayed thousands of articles. I read a couple and there was a consensus about why this was happening. But the article that really hit home for me was the one from the UK Daily Mail.

Here are some points that explained this problem impressively.


Get into the Rhythm

The body works off of rhythm and predictability.  We are usually sleep deprived because our body’s natural rhythm is out of sync. We’re not sticking to regular bed times, like going to bed and getting up every day at the same time even on weekends.

We need to stick to a sleeping schedule and don’t waiver! Just like babies need a sleeping schedule, so do we.


Internal Clock

The body’s natural clock. If you didn’t know, now you do. The body starts preparing itself to wake up an hour before we wake. As the body prepares to wake you up, your sleep is getting lighter and lighter.

When there is no rhythm or predictability the body doesn’t know when to start waking you up. So when your alarm goes off, you’re essentially waking up out of deep sleep. Your body hasn’t had the time to prepare itself to wake up. So it’s not ready to wake up and go.

We need to adjust our body clocks and make an effort to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day (even on weekends) to avoid this feeling of groggy tiredness.


Natural Alarm

When we rely on our body’s clock, most of the time we won’t need an alarm clock to wake us up because the body will wake up and most the time it will happen before our alarm clocks go off.

How does the body know when to get up? The body’s clock is dictated by Circadian rhythm. The Circadian rhythm is set by the sun rise and sunset. The body looks to these indicators to wake up you.

So how do you get this clock set right? Check the next point.


Reset with the Sun

Spending more time in the sun will definitely help reset your body’s clock, when we spend a lot of time indoors, we through off the clock which then screws up when and how we wake up in the morning.

Spending an hour in the sun, outdoors will set your internal clock right. So go for a walk, sit on your porch. Just be in direct sunlight for an hour. Side note: Use this tip when you’re suffering from jetlag!

This is definitely hard on us in the winter. Especially because sun rise is lately and sunset is earlier and because we are inside most of the time barely receiving sunlight.

So what do you do in the winter? You could purchase a wake-up light when you need to wake up early in the morning. Or During you work breaks in the winter (bundle up) spend some time out doors for 15 minutes to get sun exposure.


Hands off the snooze

Avoid hitting the snooze button because it screws up our body’s rhythm. Snoozing puts you back into a deep sleep and you should never be alarmed to wake up out of deep sleep. When we are we feel awful. The body needs that prep time to wake up.

So just get up and don’t hit snooze. Knowing this information, I wish snooze wasn’t an option on alarm clocks.

For me, I’m one week into trying this method of waking up and going to bed at the same time every day (yes on weekends too). The tips and information are absolutely accurate about the body knowing when to wake you up.

Ninety percent of the time I woke up before my clock. I was tempted to hit snooze, not because I was tired but because I like to lay around for a while. But I felt that doing this would make me lazier and feel tired. So I decided to go with my body’s rhythm and get up and go.

It really works!. You should try it too. If you do try it let me know your results.

Stay balanced!