Vacation Mode at Home

Ahhhh vacation mode……That feeling of bliss, escape, and some R&R. The craving to escape weekly project deadlines, meetings, long commutes, or any other stressful situations makes me want to go on vacation and be in vacation mode. I dream of booking a vacation to a place that is different from my own. Sometimes booking a holiday to a different place isn’t always in the budget or the days aren’t always available. For times where I can’t go away and want the benefits of vacation mode at home, I think a good day spa does the trick

I’ve had the privilege of going to two day spas and boy are they lovely! As a result, I felt so calm,relaxed and wanted to stay because . It was a different world… I like to describe it as a bubble of bliss. The outside world and time didn’t matter, I could lounge around and be present.

Day spas have lounge seating where you could sit and relax. You can sip on some herbal teas, snacking on fruit, or reading a good book. I find its not necessary to bring a phone if you really want to disconnect from the outside world.  I brought my phone with me to Instagram the moments (of course).  But I never looked at my phone, it stayed in my pocket for most of my visit.

 vacation mode

Also, it is a vacation like experience because the staff were so courteous and kind. They ensured that my experience was a pleasure. As I was walked throughout the facility, there was always a lovely staff member at every door way ready with a warm smile who was attentive to my needs  and pointed me to refreshments, like fruit infused water.

The robe and  slippers given by the spa reinforced the idea of escape. Like on vacation I wasn’t wearing clothes that I’d usually wear at home. I traded my jeans, sweater, and shoes for robes and slippers. Lockers are given to place personal items, so no need to worry or think about what you walked in with.

And how could I forget the massage! One of the main reasons to go to a day spa. I think the massage treatment sets the foundation for the vacation like experience. It gets the muscles relaxed and the body de-stressed. Overall, it instantly puts me into pamper mode and starts my spa day in the right direction. So I chose a massage treatment that is relevant to my physical discomfort.It’s important for me to choose wisely.

As a result, I want to help you find the perfect day spa so you can experience ‘vacation mode’ at home.

So here are a list of amenities to look for when choosing a spa:

– Water Therapies
– Message Services
– Hot Tubs
– Sauna
– Steam rooms
– Lounge spaces
– Restaurant
– Cafe
– Salon (Hair and Nails)
– Pool
– Sun Room
– Change Rooms
– Locker Rooms
– Relaxation Suite
– Retail Shop

If you don’t want to go solo, try visiting the spa with  your significant other, close family members or friends, its perfect for reconnecting.

P.S. I’ve been to Elmwood Spa in Toronto and Sheraton Falls View Spa in Niagara. I hope to go to Stillwater Spa Park Hyatt in Toronto it looks amazing!!!

Stay Balanced,

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  • Good idea Nicky! Been toying with the idea of trying a spa day myself. Definitely need it. Love the blog! Supporting you always.

    • Nicky

      Thanks Kelyn!I REALLY appreciate the support!!

  • Adriana

    The ritz has an amazing spa! Great for a group/couple or solo staycation.

    For a mini getaway and great prices Langdon Hall is a short drive and has amazing day packages.

    Love the blog Nicki!

    • Nicky

      Sweet!!! Thanks for the reco!! I will look that one up for sure. So grateful for your comment and support Adriana XOXOX. more fun stuff to come!