5 Ways To Up Your Personal Day Game

A personal day is always appropriate when your workplace is a high-stress environment. I think we all have days where we sit through a grueling day at work and dream of the next day we can have off. Time off to de-stress. Time to regain our sanity and just be lazy.

When it comes to a day off, you just want to make the most of it.  You want it to be everything you dream of and more. A day full of peace and quiet. Leisure. Lots of sleep.  But in reality, on our personal day, most of us end up wasting the day away. Sitting on a couch, in front of the TV watching useless daytime television.  So how do you make the most of taking a personal day of from work?

Whether you take a personal day is on a weekday or a weekend, here’s how you can use it:

  1. Use mornings wisely

    On a work day, mornings are always chaotic. We’re rushing to get up, we’re in a race against time to get dressed. We’re trying to beat transportation systems. On your personal day, start the day by taking the time to allow your body to wake up.

    This means turning off your alarm and allowing the morning light to wake you up. Once you’re up, spend the morning.

  • Read a book, newspaper
  • Go for a morning walk
  • Going out for breakfast
  • Make your favourite breakfast
  1. Enjoy the outdoors

Do something outside if the weather is nice. Get some fresh air to make you feel more awake.

  • Find a picnic bench with a perfect view or layout a blanket and journal at a park
  • Take a mini road trip around your town. Grab some snacks. A good beverage and drive around the neighbourhoods you drive past.
  • Sit on your patio. This is a way to have the quiet still moments in the day. Where it’s just you and your thoughts.
  1. Catch up on the ‘When I Have Time’ items

There are always things you wish you could do when you have the time. We create a list in our minds (or on our phones of those things). So whip out that list on your personal day. Start crossing things off. Maybe it is reading a book that your friend recommended to you a year ago. You can finally bake the recipe you found on Pinterest last week. You can work on the business plan you never have time to do. This is the time to do all of that stuff!

  1. Reflect:

At work, we’re always focused on solving our company’s problems. Producing work for other people. We take care of everybody but ourselves. So this is the time we’re you can stop reflect and just think about yourself for once. Resolve any issues you’ve pushed out of your minds. Just spend time thinking. The hope is this quiet time would be productive and uplifting.

  1. Treat Yourself:

On your personal day, you want to feel good and indulge a little. So do something that makes you feel special to boost your happiness. This could be:


Booking an appointment at your favourite nail spa for a mani-pedi. Book a message at the Inn near your house to relax massage. Order some fancy food or your favourite pizza.  You have unlimited personal options.


I think it’s always important to have a day where you can collect yourself. Regain your sanity and just enjoy life. The benefits of doing make the different between a stressed life and an enjoyable one. I often use these ideas. I return to work filling de-stressed. Although I love my job, I’m guilty of wish I could extend my day off for another day. So, I hope you found these ideas helpful and you’ll consider them on your next day off. What are your favourite ways to recuperate?


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