The Ultimate Guide to Identifying Stress

Identifying stress when we are consistently bombarded with deadlines, nagging co-workers, family related drama, bills, work, commuting (etc..) can be a huge asset. We tend to ignore the pressure and push through the pain because we feel like we have no choice, we have to deal with tough situations presented to us.  Slowly but surely, it becomes overwhelming and unbearable to deal with. We feel like we’re drowning and we can’t help ourselves get out.

A lot of times we’re under more stress than we realize but thankfully,  we can help ourselves get out of  the stress according to the mental health Experts at Elite Daily.

Here’s how you can identify you’re under more stress than you realize:

  1. Your sleep patterns are different

    You cannot sleep consistently throughout the night, or you find yourself wanting to sleep throughout the day- Talk to your doctor if you feel this way.

  2. Changes in your health.

    Often times, you’re ill or have bodily pains. That jaw pain you have might be because of clenching or grinding your teeth at night. You’re stress might cause rashes or hives on your skin. It’s important to find the root of your stress to overcome these health changes.

  3. You no longer want to do what you love.

    You have zero motivation to go to do your favourite activity because all you want to do is stay home relax and de-stress.

  4. You don’t care about your appearance.

    Various times throughout the week, you have no motivation to put yourself together, you just don’t care.

  5. You get really angry or really sad.

    The simplest thing could get you very angry, very easily and you’re taking it out on your loved ones. You feel emotional to the point of tears.

  6. Eating habits change.

    You’re eating fast good more than usual or skipping meals. You’re no longer giving your body the nutrition it needs to make sensible decisions. Not having nutritious meals puts additional stress on your body.

  7. Always drowsy.

    Constantly thinking about your stressor all day takes a toll on your mind. You’re not allowing your mind to relax and have a break from the stressor. Give your mind some rest and occasionally take a few minutes out of your day to enjoy a moment.

  8. Using unhealthy activities to cope with stress.

    Using cigarettes, alcohol or any other drug to suppress the feeling of stress can quickly become addicting and unhealthy.

  9. You don’t want to go out but feel alone.
    You don’t want to go out because you don’t want to explain why you’re stressed to other people. However being at home makes you feel isolated and bored.

They say stress is a part of life and we need to learn how to cope with it but sometimes, it’s really tough. So, don’t be afraid to reach out for help, it only makes you stronger. I know I’ve gone through each of these 9 signs on multiple occasions and talking to a trusted friend or doctor at the time, helped me gain perspective on my stress. If you’re consistently experiencing any of these 9 signs it’s important to talk to your doctor for ways to cope and deal with your stress.

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