Work From Home, the Best Way

When you work from home, it is easy to be side tracked and distracted. If you brush up on your work from home etiquette, you can trust you will be more productive when you’re in your cozy home. So, how can you work productively and feel relaxed when working from home? Well, continue reading to find out!



  1. Stay focused on work tasks only


How many times have you coached yourself to just…stay… focused. It’s important to concentrate on the task at hand because it’s easy to lose track of a good idea or important information your co-worker is passing on to you. Setting your priorities, giving them “due dates” and listing them on your to-do list, will help you stick to your work throughout the day.  This way you can dodge distractions. You’re manager can see how reliable you are when you work from home.




  1. Stay away from distractions

You know that feeling when your distraction is the only thing you’re able to concentrate on? You’ve been sucked into the rabbit hole of YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. What seemed like 10 minutes turned into an hour? You lose so much time when you give into distractions. When you work from home, avoid social media, Netflix TV series, day time TV, and doing chores (cleaning or laundry). Put your phone out of sight as you work towards an important deadline. Or work in a space that has very few distracting items. And if can’t resist browsing the internet and google thing, this is where you seriously need to exercise self- control. Maybe set a time limit for yourself using the timer on your phone so you know when to stop.




  1. Take breaks to refocus

There is a meme that says, “I’m useless until, I’ve had my morning coffee, lunch and afternoon snack breaks” . And it is so true! Breaks are super important to productivity. You shouldn’t get too carried away. Grab a snack, a drink, take a walk/run, or sit on your balcony to release tension. Sometimes,  our work consumes us and we forget to eat, drink (even breathe!!) to refuel ourselves. It happens to me sometimes; I get so tense and focused that all I see is the deadline I need to meet. So set a reminder to take a break so you can decompress.



  1. Don’t make you’re breaks too long

Do you ever take a break and never want to go back to work? When you take long breaks its easy lose momentum and hard to get started again. So keep you’re breaks 10-15 minutes long (except for lunch) so you can effortlessly pick up where you left off.



  1. Don’t take too many breaks.

Don’t overdo it. You won’t get any work done. Your boss will see that you’re being less productive, especially when deadlines aren’t being met or you’re not making online meetings on time. Exercise caution when it comes how often you take breaks.



  1. Work from a public space

    work from home

Break up your day by working in a different environment. You’ll feel connected to the outside world. You also may not feel so lazy about working.  Your Best co-worker could be the coffee shop. It is warm, cozy, inviting, and super trendy. But be careful with using public wifi, protect confidential work and information. Maybe bring your own portable WiFi device. Also, stay of away from distractions like chatty customers, entrances, or sitting directly in front of the cash desk.


The library is another great space to work. It is always quite, so staying focused will be a piece of cakes.  There are many private spaces or cubicles you can work in. You also, won’t feel tempted to crawl into bed on your break for a “cat nap”.


  1. Know when to call it a day

It can be easy to work 12-14 hours when you work from home. Especially when you love what you do.  Remember “You can’t do a good job if your job is all you do”. You can burn yourself out. So give yourself a cut off time of 5pm -6pm, or 7pm.

When you work from home, it can be challenging to be productive and feel relaxed. But knowing when it’s appropriate to do one or the other is the key.

Do you work from home? What strategies do you use to be productive? Share in the comments below.

Side note: The next time you work from home, you can jam to the popular “Work From Home” song by Camila Cabello and Fifth Harmony … to get into the work flow…lol

Stay balanced!