Staying In? 21 Entertaining Ideas You Can Use Today

Have you ever tried staying in after work for seven days straight? Maybe you’ve tried it for two. Well, the purpose of staying in for a week is to give yourself a break from the to-do lists, that always keeps you on the go. Especially when you’re super tired after work. It can feel like everybody and everything are controlling your time and happiness.


Often when we’re sick we’re forced to stay in have the down time and rest that we so desperately need. But why wait till we’re burnt out in sick? I often wait till I’m sick to really stay home and catch up on the rest my body need.  It’s a huge effort for me to leave my errands on the back burner for a few days and just be.  


By staying in, you can maximize your time away from work so you feel more fulfilled and rested. By slowing down you can enjoy your personal space.  And actually have time to do something you enjoy. 

So if you’re up to the challenged (like I am) to stay home for seven days straight for some desperately needed down time. I’ve gathered a list of 21 things to do so you feel like you’ve productively used your down time.

Here’s Your Pinnable List:

staying in


Will you try staying home for a whole week after work? What items are you inspired to use from this list? Share below in the comments.

Stay balanced!



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