Your Smartphone and Posture Influencing Your Mood

There is this trending word called the “iHunch”. This term describes what’s happening to our back when we hold our phones. We hunch of course. But what shocked me the most, is that this hunch in our posture can impact our emotions.  Research has found that poor form of our bodies causes emotional reactions in minds. The same way the action of smiling leads to moods of happiness. This means the action of slouching or hunch over can cause feelings of sadness or depression.


The average person spends 2-4 hours a day on their smartphone. Excluding the time they slouching at their computer or laptop. That’s 1400 hours in a year spent on the phone!  Do you realize that means we spend 2-4 hours a day, with feelings of sadness? That is not good.


Another thing to note, weight slouching puts a lot of weight on our backs.  Having your head down, looking at your phone puts the strain of 60 pounds on our necks. That’s like the weight of an 8 or 9child  sitting on your neck.


So with all that said, I’ve created a go-to checklist. This list will help you have the right posture while using your phone or any handheld device. Remember posture leads to better moods! So pin, share or save this to your phone so you can always reference it.

The series on posture continues with apps to improve your posture.


smartphone and posture