Self-Care Tips For The Women Who Do It All


There’s a self-care trend that’s becoming very popular and I love it. All over social media, you see #treatyoself or #selfcare or #metime. More and more people are seeing the importance of a little indulgence when life is so busy. Treating yourself is difficult when you’re used to taking on everyone’s needs. But when you see the benefits and see how easy it can be you’ll be able to see that it’s within your reach.


Have positive attitude towards yourself


When it comes to self-care, it’s important to have a healthy relationship with yourself. When you care for your physical, emotional and mental health you put a value on yourself. We take care of a lot of things and other people. It is easy to get down on ourselves for what we forgot or what we didn’t do or the people we neglected.  We rarely take time for ourselves to reflect on all the goodness in ourselves. So here’s what you should do. Get into comfortable clothes like a pair oversized sweat pants or cute yoga pants.

Put on some cozy fuzzy socks (check these ones out if you don’t have any). Put your phone on silent.  Lay your head down on your fluffy soft pillow. Think. Be in the moment. Be present. Think about all your talents and abilities. Reflect on all the work you’ve done. All the people you’ve helped, the hoops you’ve jumped through this week. Realize how mentally and emotionally strong you are for doing all that. Think about the things big or small that you do on daily basis. Some things may go unnoticed but give yourself credit for that. Feel proud of yourself by recounting your accomplishments.


Addressing your stress triggers (emotional health)


The hardest prison to escape is your mind”. Take a care of your emotional health by identifying the things that trigger your stress. This can help you balance your emotions. Try journaling your thoughts or feelings about a situation you find stressful. Or talk to a trusted friend who can provide you with sound and constructive advice. Overcome things that stress you by finding clarity and perspective.  When you check-in with yourself this way you can feel a lot happier and motivated.


Treating themselves


When it comes to self-care, treating yourself is the poster child of the phrase. But treating yourself can be hard to do when you’re always put other people’s needs first. Doing something that you’ve really wanted to do or wish you could do is the first step to treating yourself. It can be something you do for a day or for an hour. Whatever it is, it should make you happy. Treat yourself to something within your means if you want to say money.  Maybe you just set up a nice warm bath. Light some candles. Pour some champagne. Get the bubble balms and fruity bath bombs going, play soul tunes and just have a relaxing evening. Just feeling good is an important part of self-care.


 Nourishing your Body


When you’re busy it’s hard to eat healthily. Eating foods that bring energy and health is so important to self-care. A lot of times when we’re always on the go, we never think about what we’re going to eat. For instance at lunch. You know those times when you have a meeting in 30 minutes. You want to grab something so you can bolt to your meeting. When we’re rushing, it’s hard to consider the nutritional value of the meal we’re about to eat. “Eating well is a form of self-respect”.    So instead of grabbing something that’s quick, carve out 20mins in your morning. Prepare nourishing foods that will boost your mood and body. Foods like avocados, banana’s, apples, oranges, strawberries, dark chocolate, salmon, tuna.  All Natural foods not processed foods. Avoid burgers, pizza, fries, cookies, donuts.


Nurture your passions


Have you ever had that feeling where you are so consumed by doing something you love? It’s exciting and you love every minute of it? When an activity brings you so much joy you should nurture it. Spend an hour or 30 minutes a day doing something you’re passionate about. This is another form of self-care because it brings feelings of fulfillment. Maybe it’s volunteering, planting flowers, painting, drawing, biking, jogging, playing a sport, baking, shopping or crafting. Do whatever works for you.



Life can become hectic on a daily basis. But self-care is about protecting your wellbeing. Especially when people and things pull you away from the true, calmer and grounded you. So don’t ever neglect the importance of self-care.


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2 thoughts on “Self-Care Tips For The Women Who Do It All

  1. A great read, which every busy individual should read. I often find myself so consumed with work, I forget the important things. Making myself happy and healthy.
    thank you

    1. Thanks Sarah! It happens to me too. The key is to slow down often and not get caught up.
      I love that you’re blogging about life balance too. It’s such an important topic.
      Take care.


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