Pushing Past Your Smartphone Addiction For Productivity

Smartphone addiction is so hard to overcome. Think about how many times have you used your smartphone as a distraction from boredom. You feel the pull to pick it up because you can’t beat the feeling of sitting around doing nothing. This happens to me all the time especially when I’m attempting to Netflix or a TV show. Usually, after a long day of work, I want to unwind with mindless TV. I end up multitasking between catching up on social media and attempting to watch the show I turned on. I browse my news feeds with the hope of find something entertaining. But I’m only entertained for half a minute and then search begins again.

Most people spend about 8 hours a day on their phone. Millennials say they have to look at their phone throughout the day.

The digital detox trend has made it okay to detached ourselves from our smartphones. So here are some ideas I was able to gather to help you guys (and myself) with our smartphone addition.

Get an app checker

Smartphone Addiction

Get an app to help you track your app usage. This way you can see how much time you spend on each app social media. I know when I use this app, I’m looking out for Instagram first, facebook second (it’s so bad).

Here are the apps you can try:

iOS Devices:

Checky – Phone Habit Tracker

BreakFree – Track Phone Addiction

Moment – Screen Time Tracker

For Android Devices:

Rescue Time

Quality time


Place your phone out of sight.

I leave it in a bag. Or maybe, in another room. As long as it is far away from you. You can resist the habit to pick it up. This helps me pay attention to a Netflix series so I can follow what’s going on.

Unfollowing accounts

Especially accounts that put you in envy mode (because their lives are sooo perfect). I unfollowed like over 50 celebs on my Instagram. I realized I always went through their accounts hoping to find something that would “make my day”. But it never did. So I deleted them. The updates on my news feed aren’t as frequent, so I check the app less.. (This is a good thing.)

Turn off notifications

smartphone addiction

The notifications that always pop up feel urgent when it’s not. You can control this by switching off the app notification. Go to your setting to switch off the notifications you receive from the app.

This is something I’ve done and I’ve become content with the approach. I find with receiving the alert, it was harder for me to stay off my phone. now I deliberately have to think about Instagram or Facebook if I want to go on it. This has helped cut down on interruptions.

Make your smartphone dumb for certain periods of time

Turn off the Wi-Fi or data. This way your Instagram won’t refresh new posts. Although you can turn it back on at your will, doing this adds a barrier to your smartphone addiction. By the way, your cell phone (incoming and outgoing calls) will still work.

Find out how to turn off data on iPhone.

Find out how to turn off data on android.

I’ve found this solution to be a tad bit hard for me because I rely on data for my messaging apps. But there’s no harm in trying it if you need to be productive for a few hours.

Log out of Apps

This way it’s more of a chore. You’ll think twice about “catching up” on posts.

I’ve tried this when I’ve done my digital detox. It really discouraged me from picking up my phone. I thought of the process of logging in was just annoying. So a lot of the times I didn’t bother.

Delete Apps

smartphone addiction

This is for Extremist. Reality check, you can live without the app. We did before it existed. It’s mild entertainment to your life, so deleting it won’t be a huge loss for some of you. This method will definitely help you break your smartphone addiction.

Struggling with this method? Think about it this way, if the app hasn’t improved your life then don’t be afraid to delete. It’s easy for many people to get caught up in the comparison trap on social media. Seeing someone’s perfect profile and perfect life never makes us feel good. So instead of feeling bad about your life, just delete the app.

One last benefit about deleting the app, is that it free’s up storage space. For the iPhone users, you won’t see that annoying message that says, “ Your storage is almost full”.

I’ve found that Facebook and Instagram are high on my storage usage list. iPhone users can check their usage by going to general> storage & iCloud Storage> manage storage. Then you’ll see the list of apps with the size they use.

All you need is willpower. For some of us it may take time to commit to the changes. I believe making this step will help you gain more time in your day. You’ll be delighted that you were strong enough to make these small simple changes. And did I mention you’ll feel more in control of your life?

We all are trying fight with our smartphone addiction. Do you have at least two friends who need help breaking their smartphone addiction? Share this post them! I’m so they’ll find it helpful too.

Stay balanced.