How Your Posture will Improve your Work-Life

A lot of modern day offices have installed ergonomic chairs to help us with our posture.  Despite the chair changes, some of us have a bad habit of not sitting properly on our chair. We sit on the edge of the chair, slumped over our keyboard working away. We completely ignore our posture. Often when we’re tired or down, we walk around with poor posture. But if we make an effort to practice proper posture we could feel happier and fulfilled at work. How you may ask? Well, continue reading!


Increase productivity

Slouching or hunching our backs can cause back pain. As you may know, when we have back pain it’s (REALLY) hard to focus on anything. You’re basically a write-off for the whole day. So by sitting in an upright position, we can improve our concentration. And avoid interruptions while we work. That means, leaving work on time and our personal lives never have to suffer. Now that’s motivation!


Confidence Boost



Have you ever wanted to look more confident and self-assured at work? The easiest way to show confidence is in your posture. According to a study by Ohio State University, you can feel depressed or stressed when you slouch. So, when you want to be on your “A” game for an important meeting, proper posture will make the difference.  So stand tall and show em’ what you’ve got! I’m sure you’ll leave the meeting with your head held high and smile across your face.


Look like a leader



We all want fulfillment in our careers. We want to grow in our jobs and prove to our managers that we can be in a leadership position. Well to help you get there, your posture plays a key role. In a 2012 TED Talk on posture, social psychologist Amy Cuddy describes, “In the animal kingdom, power and dominance is about expanding; making yourself look bigger,” she says. “When animals feel powerless, they crunch up, making themselves appear small.”  According to Fast Company, “Cuddy says we mimic this behavior, standing tall with our hands on our hips when we’re feeling in control and when we want to exude dominance over someone else; and we slouch, sometimes even wrapping our arms around our bodies, when we feel self-doubt. Simply by changing our body language and engaging in this powerful pose, Cuddy says we can make ourselves feel more powerful and exude greater confidence to those around us, allowing us to be better leaders.”

Be humble and friendly but powerful with your pose. Approach your peers with this good posture. Face problems head on in this stance. Your manager and those around you will definitely see leadership qualities emerging in you.


So to assist you with maintaining good posture, I’ve compiled a few apps you can use to keep you on track. Check them out and download the one that suits you.

iOS Device:

Lumo Back: Real-Time Posture Feedback – tracks your posture activity

Straighten Up Canada – exercises, educational and helps you find a chiropractor in your area

Nekoze – detects when your leaning forward or back

PostureZone– helps you track your posture and improve it over time


Posture trainer

Nekoze – detects when your leaning forward or back

Posture – be mindful sends reminders to sit straight if aren’t holding your phone at eye level

Alex, the posture coach – watch your posture status through an avatar. Monitor your posture history and make necessary changes

For those who need a physical reminder, print this infographic. And if you’re not the printing kind of person, then pin or bookmark the infographic so you can come back to it.

So what tips and tricks do you use to maintain good posture?

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Stay balanced!