Movie Night: What To Watch

It’s really important to relax and have some down time after a long stressful week. That’s how you find balance.

The perfect way to have down time is to have a movie night. It can be solo or with friends. It will probably be helpful to create a list of movies ahead of time, so you’re not wasting precious relaxing time figuring out what to watch.

Side note: There are some really great movies from the 90’s and early 2000’s out there that weren’t well known, but are really refreshing movies to watch. I’ll try to feature some of them here in other movie night posts.

If you need some ideas for your movie night list, here’s a movie to get you started, its called The Story of Us.

The first time I saw this movie was  on TV. I loved it! I definitely felt part of this couple’s story as they journeyed through the motions of a difficult marriage and trying to make it work, loving each other, then furiously hating each other, then reconciling again.

Watching a movie on divorce isn’t the most ideal movie but the story line was relatable to any relationship (even  if you’re not married). It was a reflective movie that put a lot of aspects of relationships and communication into perspective. The actors really captured the emotion here. I really enjoy movies that have a grounded message and that leave me thinking.

the story of us via movie poster

I hope you’ll add this to your list. If you do, add a comment below and tell me what you thought of the movie.

Stay balanced!

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