Meghan Markle and Work Life Balance

Feature photo of Meghan Markle via Vanity Fair.

We’re all fascinated with Meghan Markle and her relationship with Prince Harry especially because she’s breaking the royal mold. And of course, her engagement to Prince Harry has made everyone love her even more.

Now that we have a growing fascination with her, I thought it would be nice to dive into some of her strategies for finding life balance. I found some sources from around the web.

Meghan explains to Best Health Magazine:

“I make sure that I take care of my skin and body, especially with the work hours I have. And I don’t just take care of myself for aesthetic reasons but because how I feel is dictated by what I’m eating, how much rest I’m getting and how much water I’m drinking. If I don’t have time for a long workout, I’ll grab my dog and go for a quick run. Being active is my own moving meditation.”

If you ever need ideas for a “me day” take it from Meghan’s idea of a perfect day as she explains it to Best Health Magazine:

“I love to work, to be honest. On my perfect day, I would wake up late, take my dogs for a walk, do some yoga and have a great sashimi lunch. And, because I love to work, if I was able to go and shoot one scene, then that would be fantastic for a little creative impulse. Then I would have a really great dinner with friends. I love to cook. I’m pretty low-key. I travel so much that, in my downtime, I really relish the quiet”

Ever feel in her head all the time? Meghan tells Elle UK her quick tip:

“Running has always been my form of moving meditation, which I relish because it allows me to get out of my head.”

If you’re looking for ways to shake up your yoga class routine, Megan shares with Elle UK how she keeps yoga fun: “I love an intense vinyasa class – and even better if its blasting hip-hop and done in a dark room with candlelight. The best!”

Meghan also shares with Elle UK:

“I give myself the luxury of downtime. We are all so incredibly busy and juggling so many things but I always take an hour to just decompress, watch mindless TV, snuggle with my dogs and enjoy a glass of wine. That’s all part of the investment. It’s a balance.”

I love what she has to say, I love the yoga and blasting hip hop with candles idea. I’m gonna try it but swap the hip hop for r&b (love me some r&b beats)

If you are growing to love her like I am…tell me in the comments!

Stay balanced!