Find Life Balance Online?

Did you ever think you could find life balance online?  Other than typing the phrase into google and finding relevant articles about the topic. I’m sure we ALL do this.


Did you ever think you could experience the feeling of balance on line (whatever that feeling may be). I never thought of it until the other day. I was going through some online blogs and came across this post. The blogger talks about how she finds life balance in the online world. At first I questioned her idea but I kept reading because I knew there had to be a good reason for this. The blogger explained that when she needed to step away and clear her mind, she turned to the internet.  She sees the online world as a space of inspiration and escape. Especially when there is a moment to read blogs or articles to hear other’s thoughts or opinions. It can be inspiring or comedic place to be.


I started to digest what she was saying. The post gave me a different way of looking at balance. I always imagined balance as being in a serene space and frame of mind.


I thought this was a very millennial way of finding balance.  We love all things technology. What better way to find balance than going to the one place we go to for EVERYTHING.  The online-world.


I think it makes sense. Like complete sense.


I agree with what this blogger says, the online world can be a place to escape and find inspiration. She talks about online creative platforms being the great escape. Of course, my mind goes to Pinterest. So many of us get caught up in hours and hours of Pinterest pinning and dreaming. Pinning our future home, wedding, or vacation. And whatever else is at the forefront of our imaginations.


For me, I enjoy reading blogs and YouTube channels. I like others thoughts and opinions especially when they have a positive outlook .  Or when the person has overcome a life challenge. I always feel instantly at ease and gain perspective. I like leaving the online world feeling enlighten. .


But for those of us who get caught up in the lives of those online. I will caution that there is a fine line between inspiration and comparison. Finding bloggers or you tubers who provide a source of inspiration can quickly turn into envy. It’s easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to someone’s life.  A YouTuber’s online persona can become captivating. We’ll start loving everything about their life and start resenting your own. Then negative feelings start to take over. This is not finding life-balance. This will  defeat the purpose. I would suggest  a little self-control.


Are you convinced? How do you find balance in life? Have you ever found life balance through engaging in the online world? Where do you find your inspiration on line?


Comment below. Let’s have fun with this one!