Learn How to Start Resting In Your Strengths

Are you a sucker for saying yes to everything? Do you try to take on everything yourself because you think you can get it done faster? Do you feel burnt out from doing it yourself?  Do you find yourself working late hours trying to figure things?

I think sometimes we stress ourselves out with trying to do a job or a task perfectly. Of course we want to do a good job, to prove our abilities, skill and dedication.  But sometimes I think we overdue it with perfectionism, then we burden ourselves with full plates and to-do lists.

I think sometimes it’s easy to say yes to something like taking on a new project, to prove that we can do it, when in actuality; we have little expertise on an important part of the project. Yeah it sounds dumb, but we want to do it all because we feel driven and we can get it done faster! I know I’m guilty of this, I’m confident in the fact that I’m a quick learner, so of course, I volunteer myself for things I have no business doing, then days later I’m a big stress ball, I’m struggling, and I’m kicking myself because I should’ve said no or asked someone with the right knowledge to help me out.

When we overextend ourselves beyond our abilities it can be defeating, tiring and did I mention stressful? Which is not good for our over health. I honestly think in those moments we need to rest in our strengths. Do what we’re good at and keep perfecting that craft. Yes self-improvement and person/professional growth is good. But when we make commitments to someone to prove ourselves, it can possibly turn out disastrous (and not helpful at all!)  Especially, when deadlines are tight, when your plate is full, it’s vital to rest in your strengths in those times.

Help yourself out by simply asking for help. Let your ego and pride go because when you’ll be taking a tremendous amount of pressure off yourself.

Rest in what you’re phenomenal at. If you don’t know, think about the tasks that you perform at work, home, or school that you find super easy that you “slay”. Did it feel like you put your best foot forward? Was there pure motivation and zero stress?  Didn’t you feel on top of things? Evaluate that strength; ask a friend or a co-worker if they enjoy doing that activity as well. If no, then you’ve found your strength my friend! Once you discover that thing (or it could be many things) that you enjoy doing, own it, it’s your gift, use it to your advantage because you’ll be more productive, you’ll feel empowered and you know it will be a job well done.  Rest in your strength and then know when to ask for help.

This blog is about finding balance, reducing stress, learning to rest, feel good and be a little happier in our crazy busy lives. These goals can be easily achieved when we rest in our strengths.

I’m definitely a sucker for overextending myself and pushing myself past the limits to prove I can do something, and in my mind I do it for growth. When I created this blog, I pushed myself beyond my limits to it was stressful, It definitely was not like creating a Facebook page. It was a whole new world of technology, though it was challenging to do, I could develop it at my own leisure, with no pressing deadline to meet. As I worked thorough my challenges, I rested in my passion for the blog and wanting to learn how to create a blog. And asked Youtube for help..lol..

I hope that made sense. I wanna hear your thoughts on this topic. Have you overextended yourself before? How did you overcome it? Let’s get talking and share our stories, comment below.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Stay balanced!

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  • Andrea

    Great post Nicky. I just came across this today through Pinterest and found it to be just what I needed to hear.

    • Nicky

      I’m am so glad to hear this was help! Thank you for leaving a comment. 🙂