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Women are known to be the queens of multi-tasking, the busy bees. Easily taking on a lot of responsibilities, until our plates are overflowing. Investing large amounts of time into our families, careers and nurturing passions. Although our intentions to take on more responsibility can be exhilarating, it can also be exhausting. It’s important that we train ourselves to slow down, refuel and reconnect with ourselves and those close to us.

I came across this article by Business of Fashion (BOF), who interviewed several leading women in the fashion industry. Each interview touched on the topic of work life balance which I, of course, got excited about because I’m always thrilled when I hear other women talk about how they try to attain a balanced lifestyle.

Out of all of the interviewees in the article, Tory Burch and Princess Reema Bandar Al-Saud ‘s insights were a huge encouragement to me and it seems more than appropriate to share it here.


Tory Burch
Photo Courtesy of: Fast Company
Photo Courtesy of: Fast Company

Tory Burch, who is the chief executive and designer of Tory Burch, was honest about how difficult it is to establish balance. She expressed that you have to find it your own way and make it a priority. Spending time with her family when the busy seasons of fashion week eased up, was her way of finding balance. I admit, it is increasingly difficult to incorporate the things I enjoy into the busyness of my life, when I’m so committed to everything! It really is hard. Striking a balance between work, play, and life is unique to every working women. One size doesn’t fit all, and it’s okay! Choose a person, place or thing outside of your career that is important to you and sneak in some time for it. You will feel incredibly gratified.


Princess Reema Bandar Al-Saud
1427137097_Princess Reema
Photo Courtesy of: Entrepreneur

Princess Reema Bandar Al-Saud is chief executive of ALFA International. When it comes to time management, Reema graciously suggests, when it comes to work, delegate tasks to free up some of your treasured time for the things you love.

Let go of your inner control freak and delegate! Don’t feel guilty or anxious about it. You can relax when you leave tasks in capable hands so you can relax. You can find time to reconnect by finding a trustworthy babysitter will allow you to find time to reconnect.

If you’re working dreadfully late hours at the office,  maybe you need to ask a manager or coworker for assistance so you can go home at a decent hour. .

No matter what role you play in your life, you can always find ways to attain work life balance. If powerful women like Tory and Princess Reema can create balance, you can too!

How will you adjust to establish work-life balance?

Read the full article on leading women in fashion here.


Stay balanced!

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