Keep Calm

When things get tough, crazy and out of control at work, school, or home it’s easy to lose it on those around you. When you’re put in a negative situation, naturally, anger, frustration, and rage flood in and you are inclined to express yourself through those emotions sometimes to the point where it’s an out of control, out of body experience. I think it’s easy to say we’ve all been there. But remaining calm in those situations is the perfect example of keeping balanced emotions. It shows emotional maturity, strength but can be hard for anyone to master.

So in light of that,  here are a few  quick go-to tips that I find helpful in remaining calm in the most stressful situations.

Poker face

This is my number one rule. Don’t show emotion on your face. Keep your face straight and focused on the person. Take in all the information, think it through then respond, not react. Reacting is getting carried away with your emotions and feelings, which makes you look out of control and  seem irrational. A thought through response in a controlled tone is way more respectable.

Ask Plenty Of Questions

Getting carried away in negative emotion/ feelings all the time, of course, will have a negative impact on you and more specifically your health (more on that on a future post). Remain calm and assess the conflict by asking appropriate questions in a controlled tone. This approach can steer you away from negative feelings. It also helps you understand the perspective of the person you’re in conflict with instead of jumping to conclusions and making irrational assumptions.


After the situation had been resolved or maybe while you’re in the situation, it’s helpful to take time out to figure out why this person or situation is triggering stressful or negative emotions. Then you need to take it upon yourself to calmly verbalize how the situation or person is impacting you. This will make you feel better because you’re expressing your emotions/ feelings in a rational manner. Chances are your point of view may be heard better this way.

Respond Calmly

If I haven’t said it before I’ll say it again, keep a controlled tone because it shows emotional maturity. If you want your views to be heard, calmly say what you need or want out of the situation and how it can benefit the person/situation you’re in conflict with. Getting on the same page, have a mutual understanding and coming to an agreeable solution is the goal here.

Think about your favourite investigation show, picture how stern the actor looks when they are trying to get the bottom of an investigation. Use that mental image as your motivation to help you remain calm and get to the bottom of a stressful situation, as silly as that may sound.

I hope you can remember and try using these quick and easy tools. They’re probably easier said than done. But practice makes perfect!

As the famous quote says, “Keep Calm and Carry On”.

Side note: I randomly found a neat video explaining how this famous quote evolved. If your interested, check out the video below.

Stay balanced!

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