How To Put Yourself First, When You Make Everyone Else A Priority

Are you having a hard time figuring out how to put yourself first? Are you always stuck doing everything for everyone else but yourself? Caring for other people can be stressful, demanding and filled with pressure. It’s easy  to be pulled in so many different directions. After a while, it can take a toll on our emotional health and well-being. When you try to tend to your family, friends, work, school and partner, it can feel like your loosing yourself. You don’t want to help someone and feel depleted or exhausted. So let’s look at ways you can put your needs first so you don’t feel run over and you have time to do something yourself.

How to start caring for yourself.

Have you ever wondered “why did I stop caring for myself and keep doing stuff for other people?”  Let’s think about it. How easy is it to care for other’s needs more than our own? Sometimes we can want the people we are helping to notice our efforts.  Maybe this is a habit of people pleasing? Start changing this habit by seeing yourself and your needs as important. How do you do that? Look out for yourself. Protect your needs and your time. Realize how important your desires and interests are. Saying to yourself, ” I am more of a priority – I am a higher value than those things because if I am not well/rested/feeling okay then those other things that rely on me won’t get done, so I value myself enough to take time for me”.  This might help you make better decisions.

Put yourself ahead.

How do I stop putting other people ahead of myself? Can be a question many of us ask ourselves.  Give yourself some self-value. If you’re always putting others before yourself, you can change that by being true to yourself. By making time for the things that truly make you happy, bring you joy and pleasure. Write them out. And beside each item, note the last time you did that activity.  Making this list will show you how much you may have been neglecting who you are for the things you think you “have” to do.

Be assertive.

I always put others’ needs before my own. How can I be more assertive and put my interests first without feeling bad about it? It’s hard to say no when you’re so used to doing things for other people. Even when you want to. Try to find ways to stand up for yourself. And trust me it’s going to be hard. Don’t feel bad because you had to” draw the line”. Realize you’re a good person who is trying to meet personal needs. Set boundaries and say, “I will accommodate you to a certain extent, but I have reasonable limits”.

Don’t get upset or lose sleep. When someone doesn’t like what you said when you tried to put your foot down.  say, what I do, or where I go. So if your co-worker is constantly asking you for help, to the point of distraction, you kinda have to put your foot down. Then set comes to boundaries. Express what you need to complete. Because those are YOUR needs.  Don’t cave in because you’ll regret it. Another popular and easy way to be assertive is saying no. Once you know what your priorities are, no becomes a little easier to say

Being Sweet isn’t the problem.

Is being sweet a disadvantage? No, it’s not. You can try to be nice to everyone but don’t overdo it. But don’t forget to show yourself the same passion. Seek the same kind of sweet.  For the sensitive and giving souls, spending time with the right people.  Not the ones who will take advantage of your caring personality. Surround yourself with positive people who can pour positivity into your life. People who bring laughter to you. People who make you happy. Sometimes you need to be around positive people to make you feel better.

Refuse to be overused and unappreciated. You can help within reason, and if the person is willing to reciprocate.   Take care of yourself, so you can take care of others.


How do you put yourself first? Share your idea in the comments. If you liked this post, please share it. And if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.


Stay balanced.


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