How To Organize a Stress Free Get Together


The thought of organizing a stress free get together has been in my mind a lot lately. Christmas and New Years are approaching and this is the season of many parties and get togethers with friends, family and coworkers. So the desire to have my own little soirée has been on my mind lately.

I like the idea of having people over that you have a good time with. But the thought of running around and preparing for the gathering just turns me off. Not to mention the clean up afterwards. I always get turned off when I think about all the effort and energy that goes into organizing prepping and cleaning.

So is it possible to organize a stress free get together?
What do I do to entertain them? I noted some good tips for this post from Blogher.

Get rid of the expectation of perfection. Be relaxed and remember guests are coming to spend time around you.

Ask everyone attending to bring something. So you don’t have to slave away at the menu for the night. Delegation is key. Divide and conquer so you don’t feel the weight of cooking for a large group. This makes all your attendees feel involved and part of the party.

Focus all your energy on one thing you’re really good at. If you’re good at baking cupcakes, put your all into it, do the best cupcakes you know how to make and decorate. If you’re really good at choosing games to keep everyone entertained, focus on the games for the party. Keep it simple for yourself and don’t forget to ask for help.

Ordering pre-made food can definitely take the stress out of preparing a meal. All you need to do is place the order and spend time at the store picking up disposable plates, napkins, forks, cups etc.

We all have that one friend who is guaranteed to show up. Ask them to help you serve. They can help serve the drinks, food, or anything else that might tie you up. This all comes back to the idea of delegation.

When it comes to the clean up portion of the night, disposable dinnerware is the way to go. This way you’re not spending too much time in the kitchen after your guest leave. Also ask some of your friends to assist with clean up, just to help you out a little.

All in all we need to remember to relax and have fun. The party isn’t just for our friends, it’s for us too. We want to have a good time in the the comfort of our own space.

Stay Balanced!

  • I like the idea on focusing on one thing your good at instead of trying a lot of things that may or may not work.

    • Nicky

      Yeah it’s the best way to go!

    • Yup! it’s the way to go and makes a world of a difference. You should try it 🙂

  • 1journey1life2people

    Very nice article, especially now, when we organize a lot of meetings with our friends and family. Stress free preparation is so important. Great tips! Do not expect perfection and ask your friends to come earlier and help.

    • Nicky

      Exactly, we should enjoy the holidays not stress!

    • omg yes! Perfection is the enemy and having friends to help is takes the pressure off!

  • Cristina Criddle

    Lovely article, hosting doesn’t have to be stressful at all! Nice to have helpful friends too

    • Nicky

      Reliable friends are key!

    • Thank you!.. Yes, reliable friends are so key when hosting a party.

  • Oh well, hardest part of party is actually cleaning 🙂 and getting rid of drunk friends.

    • lol! yes. Disposable plates, cups and everything are the way to go!

  • I love these tips!! You’re right-hosting and putting too much pressure on yourself takes the fun out of entertaining.

    • Totally does. I’m guilty of trying to do it all. I frequently try to remind myself to delegate.

  • Mizhelle

    Useful post! I haven’t hosted anything recently because I hate cleaning up. I think it’s about time I try again.

    • Same! but i hosted a new years eve party, and disposable plates are the way to go!