How To Find Time For Your Passion Projects



I often find myself complaining about not having enough time to pursue my passions projects because I’m so busy. I’m constantly searching for free time in my notoriously busy schedule every week and month. I sit there hoping that an opening in my schedule will magically appear for my passion projects. But it doesn’t and I feel like I can’t catch up.


I’m trying to understand why I feel like I’m always running out of time or feel like I lack time. After some thought, I realized that on the days where I do make time,  I work slower, feel sluggish and have a hard time focusing. I realize that my lack of productivity is a result of my constant fatigue. Fatigue from a long work day. Fatigue from commuting. This tells me I really need recharge my batteries.

I know many feel the same way and we have to recharge our batteries in order to have the energy for our passion projects. So how does one recharge? Well, the definition of recharge means to refill, to regain your energy and strength. But how do you do that?


Some Ideas…

I could take a short nap after work.   I usually lay around watching TV, wasting time waiting for this fatigue feeling to go away. But I know I need to do something proactive about my tiredness because it’s not going to fix itself.


I also came up with the idea of using my commute to decompress from my work day. I can do this by listening to music, reading an engaging book. Sleeping on the train. Playing games on my phone. Essentially, doing anything that keeps me entertained or in a revived mood.


Another idea I’ve tried is going go for a walk right after getting home from work. Walking to the nearest park to sit and be still for a bit. This usually helps alleviate my stress simply because I’m getting fresh air. It’s like a relief to be outside.


We all need that feeling of escape after a long day. So a few other small ideas you can try maybe going for a quick work out. Browse your favourite bookstore or home décor store. Play your favourite video.

We need to do any activity to make us feel alive,  alert, inspired and enthusiastic. For me, simple things like drawing/sketch also give me a boost. This way I can feel inspired and refreshed to tackle my passion projects productively.


Final Thoughts…

We have to constantly think about the benefits of activities that recharge us mentally and emotionally. This way we don’t  become lazy. Focusing on the positive impact these activities will have on our passion projects is the motivation we need to stay consistently recharged.

What am I going to do differently to recharge my batteries? Sketch ( I know I’ve said it a million times already…lol). I plan to set aside 30 minutes for my sketching time.

Have you struggled with finding time to pursue your passion projects?

Please share in the comments so we can support each other in our journey. So many people read these posts, and your comments will bring so much value to this community.

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Stay Balanced!