Be Happier at Home in 7 Simple Ways

Quite often our homes can be a place of mass chaos, clutter and filled with stuff. It ends up being a place that’s not so haven-like and causes more stress than calm. Scientific studies have shown that we can have an impact on our happiness by adjusting the tiny little habits and routines that define our daily lives. few tweaks to our daily habits.  I really hate when my space becomes a place that is far from peaceful and relaxing. If you’re like me here are some ways you can make your home a little happier for you.

1. Clear Your Space

Clutter can be stress. It makes it difficult to find things, it creates obstacles and is just a visual distraction. Take three minutes to clear any clutter, by making sure nothing is left lying around or out of place. Bring your living back to “ready” before you head out for the day. Gretchen Rubin, New York Times best-selling author of The Happiness Project, explains that the three-minute task of making your bed is one of the simplest habits you can adopt to positively impact your happiness. The order creates a haven from stress.


2. Create a Gallery of Memories

Make your home a gallery of positive memories by displaying the amazing trips and experiences you’ve been on in your life. This enjoyment that is brought on by these experiences like planning it, anticipating it, living it then remembering it really puts you in a happy place. So if your home is filled with these happy times and moments you can literally be in your happy place at home because you’re surrounded by priceless experiences.


3. Cultivate Gratitude.

This is a coming statement these days, everyone talks about gratitude and how to live a life a gratitude. But its true. When you’re in a grateful state of mind, your perspective shifts from the negative to the positive instantly. You can easily start counting your blessings. Take a moment on your couch to pause to reflect on a positive event from your day. Jotting down a happy memory and notice your mood instantly lifted.


4. Get into the hard chores

It’s easy to get bogged down by all the chores we have to do around the house. It can seem never-ending and quiet the burden. We can’t avoid house chores unless we hire a cleaner. But if chores are left up to you, put a positive spin on them by putting on your favourite playlist and get into the grove while you clean. You’ll for sure feel better.


5. Pray before you start your day

When you pray for the day ahead, by asking God to help you with a challenge you know you’ll have to deal with, it helps you be intentional about how your choices and your attitude. You can pray about needing help being productive or dealing with a difficult or negative person.


6. Cultivate experiences at home

Purchase things for your home that will get you excited about having people over to entertain. Having people over brings an element of joy to home and to your week. Buy a chic new dish set so you can show off your cooking skills to your girls. Buy a new board game, so you can host a super chill games night. Buying a fondue maker so you can have chocolate filled for a girls night in (a little chocolate won’t hurt).


7. Create a sacred space

Find a place where you can be still, contemplate, quietly read a book, where you can be away from the movement of life. This can be your den, your balcony, a reading corner in your room, your porch or a park bench in your neighbourhood.


What will you tweak or add to your home to make it a happier place for you? Don’t leave me hanging, share your plans with me in the comments below.

Stay Balanced!