How You Need To Allow Yourself To Rest

There was a point in my life that I was in a job that made me very unhappy. It was my dream job. It was everything I imagined and more but as the reality of the work and the demands of the job set in, I started working longer hours, stopped taking lunches, ate as I worked and avoided going to the washroom as long as I could so I didn’t “waste time” (so crazy!!).

This happened day after day, and the pace of work picked up more and more. I was working a lot of overtime. I remember one day on a sunny summer afternoon, I stared out the window as people on their lunch enjoyed the perfect weather. I envied them. I envied that they could step away from their work and take a break. I couldn’t take a break because I was overwhelmed with work.

I figured working on weekends would buy me more time because it felt like there weren’t enough hours in a swamped work week. But it didn’t help at all.   The more I did this, the more tired I became. I felt like I was wearily running a race and all I wanted to do was stop, but if I stopped I felt like I would drown in work.

I needed to stop, I NEEDED rest. I reflected on what it meant to rest and how much we need it to gain strength to continue on. After all God rested from all the work He put into creation. (Gen 2:2).  If He needed dedicated time for rest then I need it to too.

It’s so easy for us to keep going, to keep working and hoping that our schedule will magically open up so we can take the time off we’ve been so hard working for. But the truth is, rest needs to be prioritized, and it should be top priority. God was the perfect example for us on what it looked like to take rest. He knew our human nature, that we would run ourselves dry and knew that our bodies needed rest. So for our benefit He made a Sabbath day, a day of rest. Whether your day of rest is on a Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, its important to take advantage of this kind of day.

How and when are you going to take a day of rest? I hope that you will make it a  priority and unplug from work this.  I pray that your day of rest will be filled with laughter, connection and good people.

Stay Balanced!

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  • LeNae

    I have been there! When I am passionate about what I do, it is hard to stop, and I can essay burn out if I do not have rest. It is so important, as you say to remember that God Himself rested.

    • Exactly! We get caught up so easily. We need those reminders to rest. (I try to be that reminder with my blog!)
      Thanks again for taking the time to read my post.