Goals in 2017 for Life Balance

effIt’s now 2017 and I’ve been thinking about what my goals in 2017 would like for life balance. I find myself wondering how I will achieve balance this year. What are my hopes, dreams, and goals for this year would be? In a perfect world, what would that look like? What things were really out of balance in my life last year that I can change this year? So here is my life balance plan for 2017.


Stress less

What that means for me is to remain calm. Literally keep calm and carry on. Not being a worry ward. No thoughts of worry circling in my mind.  My worry can range from big things to little things. For instance, I’m always thinking about how something is going to get done. Then as small as, how am I going to get home in all that snow (this could actually be a big thing… I hate driving in snow).  The goal in 2017 is not thinking about worries.


Take time out

When I have overwhelming and tiring weeks, I need to take time out. When my volunteering tires me, I need to be more self-aware to know that it’s time to take some time out and rest. For instance, there are activities that I attend outside of work. Activities I enjoy. That’s why I do them.  But participating in these activities week after week can become routine and tiring. Especially, when I’ve had a long work day.  But despite my feelings of tiredness, I keep going. I keep going as if I’m in a marathon. Usually, I am tired and worn out. And I ignore my feelings of exhaustion.

So one of my goals in 2017 is that when I feel stretched and tired, that I will listen to those feelings. I will take time out from some of my involvements. I don’t want my exhaustion to turn my passions into resentfulness or bitterness. I need to ensure that I’m doing everything out of passion and drive and not an obligation. I will take time out from activities when I feel exhausted.


Stop saying I’m overwhelmed

I want to leave my overwhelmed feelings in 2016. I said this word a lot. Like every second sentence. But it was the only word that accurately described my feelings at the time. About twenty times a day, I’d say “I’m SO overwhelmed”.  I would annoy myself just repeating that phrase. I’m also sick of hearing myself say it. So instead, I’m going to do something about my situation. Usually, I whined and complained that I’m overwhelmed. Now I’m just going to stop. If that means cutting back or asking for help. That’s exactly what I’ll do.


Recuperated on weekends

One of my other goals in 2017 would be, not have a jam-packed schedule of things to do on the weekends. I’m always on the go. Trying to fit things in. Or I’m driving from one end of the city to the other. I always arrive at work super tired on Monday’s. My weekends are never just veg time. I always dream of my weekends being full of nothingness and leisure. I know, in reality, that idea is pretty out there. So I’m aiming to do a lot less with my weekends.  On the weekend, I will limit my errands or 1 or 2 things so there is time to recuperate.


How are you going to find balance in 2017?


Share your ideas in the comments below.