When FOMO leaves you Exhausted

I often push myself to do things that I don’t really want to do because of fear of missing out (FOMO). And for that reason, I have a hard time saying no. When I put myself in this position, I have a hard time listening to what my body needs.

And most times my body needs rest. A lot of the time when I’m tired I push myself to do things like stressful work. Not realizing how much stress I’m putting on my body and my mind.

So how do I overcome FOMO so I can give myself the rest I need? And enjoy my life a little bit more?

How do I say no to the weekly volunteering that I do without feeling guilty?

When I’m plain old tired, how can I decide to work from home on a Monday and not feel shame?

How can I convince myself to stay home and not go into the office because I’m obviously sick!?

Here’s How

If you are challenged with FOMO like I am, here are some helpful tips that I think will help both of us through this:

Make it all about you

Give yourself permission to just be. Do whatever you want without being obligated to others. You’re worth it. Start by loving yourself. Do things that you are satisfied with. This way you can be comfortable with the idea that you ARE missing out.


Stay in touch with reality

Realize that in life you WILL miss things. Let go of what you’re missing out on. Remove the constant reminders. This means to log out of social media. Turn off notifications. Then be in your own world. But don’t ask your friends or coworkers what happened at the event, meeting or party you missed out on. This will make you feel guilty or regretful. Just move forward and focus on the benefits you got from taking time out for yourself.

Show yourself some loyalty

I need to stop pushing myself to do things when I’m obviously feeling tired. By being more loyal to myself than I am to everyone else and their wants, it will be easier to step back. This way I can take time out for myself with no regret, guilt or shame.

Protect your time

Tell people that you have other plans. Then, during that time stay away from your phone and social media, and do something you’ve been meaning to do during the time of the event your missing. Read that book you always wanted to read, sleep in, cook, bake, watch cartoons, watch a movie. Get your mind off of what you may be missing. Then, you’ll realize what you’ve really been missing out on, and that is time with you!

Don’t miss out on your life

Fear missing out on your own personal life. FOMO on missing out on sleep. Then fear missing out on “me time“. FOMO missing out on being able to do whatever you want. These things you may be missing out on are the things that will ultimately make you feel better. This may sound selfish. But when you’ve pushed yourself to the point of exhaustion, taking time out for yourself is valid and necessary.


So! If no other advice works for you, then remember this, “it’s perfectly sunny on this side of the fear!“ (I love that!).

If you agree, let me know in the comments.

P.S. I also plan on reading the book called Overloaded by Joyce Meyer to help me overcome FOMO. Check it out here.

Stay Balanced!