5 Simple Approaches To Finding Peace In Chaos



Hey! Welcome back to my site. I hope your week is going smoothly. If it’s not, don’t worry. Today I want to dive into how to maintain a sense balance (aka peace) when Murphy’s law creates chaos in your life.

Sometimes balance and positive energy seem fleeting when you’re faced with conflicts in your relationships, issues at work, health problems (the list can go on!). Having that calm balanced energy seems like a luxury and not something everyone can access.

But when it comes to staying grounded and calm when things hit the fan, I can think of some people who don’t let the craziness get to them. They see life in perspective and are tapped into that balanced positive energy. And I’ve always wondered how they do it because I want the Koolaid their drinking.

What we need to understand is that chaos is natural to life. We can’t always avoid it or control it.

We tend to think the easy way out is to take a vacation. But a vacation is temporary, meanwhile, chaos is like a boomerang that keeps coming back.

So how do you stay grounded and find peace?

Here are some ideas I have rounded up for you:

Emotional Detachment:

Not letting your mind get caught up in the emotion of the situation. You can deliberately detach from the emotions chaos brings. Harbouring resentment, irritation, hurt or anger will have a deep impact on your mental state and your well-being.  Releasing those emotions by focusing on sanity and a positive outcome are two important ways to conquer your emotions.

Stop Being A Control Freak:

Letting go and not trying to control everything in your life. Perhaps create a plan, set goals and work towards it. Allow things to progress and change at their own pace. Not trying to control every aspect of the situation.

Attitude Adjustment:

If you can’t control the situation change your attitude towards it. Believe with conviction that the time and efforts you’ve invested into making things happen will pay off. You’ve done your best and God will do the rest.

Peace Is Within You:

Realize there is peace buried deep inside of you and you just have to be mindful of it. The ability to find this peace is tested when chaos pays us a visit.

Practice makes perfect:

If your car breaks down when you have an important interview to go to, practice remaining calm. You might not get it right on the first try. But remember you’re a work in progress. See chaos as an opportunity practice being grounded. More chaos = more practice. Look, chaos is a good thing!

If you agree, type agree! in the comments. Let me know you’re out there reading!

Stay balanced!


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