Useful Ideas For A Day Off

When life gets really busy I find myself longing for a peaceful day off.  Sometimes I need a day to gather my racing thoughts  and find pause in the busyness. I consider the weekend like a day off, where I should find rest however it ends up being an extension of my week, filled with infinite errands and other non-relaxing things. I actually avoid taking a day off work because I think it will end up like my weekends. So the question I have for myself is, how do I get out of this rut so I can fully recharge during my day off?

Answer: Plan a relaxing day with activities that help me savor time.

What I’m trying to say here is avoid binge watching Netflix or TV all day. Yeah, it’s great to get lost in a TV series for hours and hours, but I find the day flies by that way. Time always goes by so fast these days and I just want a day where time goes by slowly. So here are some ideas I think will be helpful in maximizing time on a day off:


Some other ideas ideas:

  • Read a book with lit candles
  • Cloud watch
  • Bake
  • Take a nap (cat naps are the best!)
  • Listen to music in bed
  • Throw a dinner party
  • Invite your close friends over to watch your favourite TV series (**cough cough** The Bachelor) .
  • Find events or concerts happening in your community or city

Hope you found these ideas helpful. Feel free to refer back to them when you decided to take a well-needed day off.

Stay balanced!

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