Burn Out, How You Can Avoid It


Burn out can creep up on you and leave you dreading every and anything that has to do with work. If you ever experience burn out, you know you have trouble focusing. You get super irritated, cranky, have no motivation and all you can think about is sleep. If you’re an overachiever or just have a lot on your plate, some of these feelings can very familiar.

How do you maintain some sort of work-life balance to avoid burn out? Here’s what you can do:


Avoid perfectionism.

Perfectionism will make you want to do more than you need to. Our workloads aren’t getting any lighter. Add perfectionism into the mix we can become less productive. It can be paralyzing and make you overly critical. Combat your perfectionism being concise. Be concise so you’re not hindering your progress. Get to the point when you’re completing a project. This way you have more time at your disposal.  Be realistic with timelines. Hack: ask yourself these questions. Am I losing time in trying to make this perfect? Am I feeling anxiety because I’m not finished this project? What is stopping me from wrapping up this task?


Check in with your boss

Feeling frustrated or discouraged can be a soul-sucking experience.You don’t want to loathe your job. So having a conversation with your boss about what you’re going through is important. Whether it be about the workload or the tight timelines. Just expressing your challenges can be incredibly motivating and freeing. It can boost your mood because your voice is being heard. So before you become irritated and resentful, talk to your boss.


Take advantage of your vacation days

Give Yourself a break. Literally. If you work 2 jobs with an hour and half commute. Or if you barely get 6 hours of sleep a day and you wake up feeling down. An impromptu day off can be the cure. Do nothing. Sleep all day if you need too. If you can afford it do a mini getaway or a week long vacation. Make it worth it and helpful. Give your body what it’s lacking. If you need sleep, get some sleep! The time away can uplift you. It can also give you some life perspective.


Do something creative outside of work.

Being in a weekly work routine can leave you in a rut. You may want do other things with your life instead of just work. Having these activities to attend after work will force you to shut down. It’s always great to do something relieves stress. So join an art class, a running group, or a cooking class.  Maybe it’s  not a creative activity. Sometimes,  just planning a time to chat with friends at your favourite cafe is just what you need.


Breaking down a big task.

Looking at large responsibilities can be intimidating. The fear of screwing it up can creep in.  It can feel so overwhelming that you just avoiding it all.  An easy way to stop the “I can’t do this” feeling, is by splitting big tasks into small tasks. This way, you’re not pushing yourself to the limit. You won’t feel exhausted. Crossing off each item can feel like you’re accomplishing a lot and get you into a groove. It will remind you of how strong and capable you are of doing the tasks given to you.


So! what ways are you going to try to avoid burn out? Share in the comments below!!


Stay balanced!