A-Z Ideas You Need To Help You Slow Down

Do you ever have day’s where you cannot figure out how to slow down your life? You struggling deeply with demands of work responsibilities, family obligations, home, your relationships that only seem to intensify. In those moments it’s natural to long for a mental day for your sanity. Since the perfectionist in you is always causing you to stress out.


Well I’ve laid out a-z ways to slow down. I thought I’d find uncommon suggestions. Not just writing in your gratitude journal.


A – Air

 Get some fresh air by going for a walk. Clear your head. Stop and smell the roses. Unwind your mind. Take deep reflective breaths. Leave your phone in your pocket. Focus your attention on what’s around you. You’ll feel things starting to slow down.

B – Browse Blogs

Go to your favourite blogs and read up on the latest posts you’ve missed out on.

C – Coffee Chats

Meet up with your best friend and just unload. Have a heart to heart conversation. But be sure to add some laughter to your conversation so you can enjoy your time together.

D – Dream board 

Create a dream board of what you want your future to be like. From magazine cut out, create a Collage your dream home, vacation, job, family etc…

E – Encouraging words 

Grab a notebook, or note cards, take a step back from everything. write encouraging words to yourself. Words that are positive, that affirm your abilities and all your efforts. Examples, I have many talents and I am good at what I do. I may be tired but I’m not defeated. I have what it takes to be successful.

F – Farmers market or Flea Market

Buy healthy foods or buy unique trinkets or rare handmade items. Walking through stalls of fresh fruits and veggies can be inspiring. Buy some fruits to make a pie or healthy smoothie you’ve always wanted to make.

G -Games night

Plan a games night with friends

H – Hobby

Indulge in your favourite hobby. Maybe it’s a sport like tennis, art like painting, music, or discovering new restaurants.

I – Instagram hiatus

Or a hiatus from all social media.

J – Journal

Journal about the things that are causing you to be busy. So you have an awareness. Eliminate one of the those items from your day. If you can’t eliminate it, do less of it.

K – Keep Calm

Instead of getting frazzled since you’re so busy, stop overthinking and let go of your perfectionist ways. Choose to be calm.

L – Light Candles

Find a scent you love, read, take a bath or sit quietly thinking about life with candle lit atmosphere.

M – Museum

Spend an afternoon or evening at a museum. It’s a quiet and calm space. View art. It’s a perfect way to slow down to step aside from the busyness.

N – Nails

Get girly, Clip, file, buff and paint your nails while listening to a feel good playlist. Buy fun nail art to make it more creative experience.

O – One important task for the day

Relax the rest of the day.

P – Puzzles

Like Sudoku, crosswords, word search

Q – Quiet time

Whether it be in your room, a Starbucks with your favourite drink, or a walk in your neighbourhood.

R – Reflect

Revisit old photos whether it be on Instagram profile, old Facebook Albums or Facebook memories. It’s good to look back and reflect on good times and accomplishments.

S- Scrapbook

Create a scrapbook your recent travels

T – To do list

Take two things off your to-do list.

U – Unplug

Unplug with a trendy colouring book.

V – Volunteering 

Get outside of your world, do some volunteer work to help others. Volunteer at a local food bank or, charity fundraiser.

W – Worry less

“Worry doesn’t take away tomorrow’s troubles, it takes away today’s peace”. Stop worrying about situations that haven’t happened and be present. Focus on the moment for 1 hour. Enjoy the song you’re listening to or the atmosphere around you.

X – X -out

X-out your weekend plans and do one of the items of this list!

Y – Yoga

When all else fails, yoga is always a go-to activity for slowing down and de-stressing. So book a class and get ready for the beloved child’s pose.

Z – zoo.

There’s something about watching animals that’s so mesmerising. And without a doubt will help you slow down from your hectic pace of life.


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