How To Re-energize Yourself.

It’s a new year; it’s time to start new routines. For some of us, 2015 might have been a stressful and exhausting year. It’s obvious you don’t want that lifestyle to be repeated in 2016. How can you make change and become full of life again?


Well, according to Erika Andersen on, there are nine ways you can re-energize yourself when you feel down and out. Here they are:

1) Learn to Stop

When you get caught up in a perpetual busy schedule, you become less effective or efficient. So, just stop for a day (only one day!) to nourish your body with a simple healthy mealĀ (this can’t be a meal from a fast food restaurant, a vending machine, a bag or a box). Then go to bed at a decent hour, allowing your body to rest forĀ 7-8 hours.


2) Positive Thinking

Instead of filling your mind with pessimistic thoughts like, “I’m never going to get this done” overcome your negative thinking with practical and constructive thinking like, “I have a lot to do, but I need to do the most important things first”.


3) Positive People

Surround yourself with positive people. They’ll bring you renewed joy.


4) Do Something You Enjoy

Whether it’s a five minute break for a chocolately snack, having a good laugh or just staring out the window, you’ll feel more relax and empowered.


5) Divorce complaining

it’s important to realize that complaining is not therapeutic! Instead of complaining about what is not going right now, come up with ways to improve the situation.




6) Pause

Your mind can be a noisy place filled with circling thoughts on things to do. Force yourself not to think for a few minutes. Focus on your breathing. You’ll feel increasingly calm.


7) Time Out

When you’re overwhelmed with emotion, like feeling wound up, frazzled or angry, remove yourself from the situation. Go to the washroom, cry, breathe or take a 5 minute walk to positively release your emotions.


8) Selfless Act

Stress can cause us to turn on ourselves and worry about what’s not going right in our lives. Sometimes it’s best to think beyond yourself and help someone, so you are not focused on your issues. It can be as simple as helping a fellow co-worker. When you do something outside of yourself, you release stress and feel truly motivated.


9) Gratitude

There are days when everything seems to be going wrong. Where you want to curl up in a corner and cry. When those days hit, think of one thing that is going right in your life to gain perspective again.


If you need to elevate your mood, try one of these strategies to feel alive again.

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