How The Tim Ferris Routine Will Make Your Difficult Mornings Effortless


If you’re a person who wishes they had a productive morning routine, but you find yourself being too lazy, this post is for you. It’s safe to say at some point in our morning we look at our phone as a way to boot up. We take a minute (or more) to scroll. Scroll through our email, check the news, browse Instagram, text someone, or listen to music.

If you’ve done any of these activities this doesn’t mean you’re lazy. It just means you’re human and you just need something to get your wheels spinning in the morning. And you’re not the only one.  According to Tim Ferris, author of the “The 4-Hour Work Week”, there is a way to help you naturally “boot up” in the morning. The best part is it won’t take too much effort.

The Trick:

Ferriss’ idea requires you to simply put your phone on airplane mode. Yup that’s it. Airplane mode. Starting your morning with no internet is one way you’ll have more time to get things done.  So often we’re rushing to get dressed. Or we’re throwing a “lunch” together to get to work on time. But with your phone on airplane mode you can prepare a healthy breakfast you’ve always wanted to make. You can gather your belongings to stroll out the door without ever feeling rushed again. Unless you miss your alarm and sleep in.

Using the no internet tip, you may find you’re mentally prepared for the day ahead. This way you can slip into work without any feelings of reluctance.

Get to work on time:

Imagine getting to work on time without feeling frazzled. Yeah that can happen. Since you wont be idling on your phone, you’re probably going to gain some minutes in travel time. You’ll be ahead of your usually schedule. Allowing you to catch your train on time. Or avoid the heavy traffic you face on your usual morning route because you’ll be ahead of the pack!

Better Commute:

To get even more value from Ferriss’ tip, keep your internet off while commuting to work. If you take the train into work your probably thinking “No way! I’m gonna be bored out of my mind, my commute is an hour and half…” I get it. Trust me. It may be a long time for you but you can people watch, look out the window, or do some thinking. Think about how calm this time will make you! You’ll walk into work more peaceful and mentally prepared to start your day. This state of mind will help you think more clearly when you’re going through a busy season at work.

But if you are totally against the idea of not looking at you phone  while commuting, I get it. Try reading a book, do some writing, read the newspaper, or complete the puzzles at the back of the newspaper. It’s a bit old school but it will keep you entertained.

Final Thoughts:

I definitely plan on implementing these tips into my morning routine as often as I can. I’ve recently tried screen free evenings for week which I’ve written about in this post. And I can honestly say it made my evenings feel a lot longer and more relaxed.

Is your morning routine like Tim Ferriss’ tip? Tell me about it. The best conversations happen in the comments. So leave a comment!


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