6 Ways to Leave Stress At Work

On some days, leaving stress at work can be very hard. Like many people I have crummy and stressful days, where I think endlessly about the problems that have occurred in my day as if its the end of the world. I’d drive home so numbed by the stress, that I can’t fully be present to what is going on around me. When I am stressing out, it is hard for me to decompress or sleep.

I eventually decided that a line needed to be drawn and, I needed to make my home a haven; a place to press pause and regroup. Stress is inevitable in today’s world. Crummy days will come but its essential to take time away from the negative moods.

I now intentionally live so that I don’t bring home the stress of work or anything else happening outside of my home. By doing this, my mind gets a break and I can think about other things I care about.

Here are 6 ways I leave the stress at the door:

  1. Exercise

By going to a fitness class, my attention is not focused on the issues I’ve been dealing with all day. I find group classes effective because its a social environment  where I’m interacting with people or the instructor and I’m not consumed with my inner thoughts. I found that exercising also helps endorphin fight stress in your body so you can truly be calm and relaxed.


2. Talking About it

I like to meet up with a friend to talk . Talking about issues helps get it out of your system and frees up your emotions. What’s more calming than talking at a coffee shop? I think its best to talk with someone who will encourage you and give you a new perspective on the situation.


3. Write it out

Writing out the frustration as it comes to me has helped me A LOT. I use this on the days where I can’t meet up with a friend . I’d buy cute notebooks that are inexpensive, I call them my stress journals. Writing will stop the thoughts from swirling in the mind and leave room for more positive thoughts to form.


4. Watch TV

I get lost in my  favourite TV show on Netflix or on TV. I prefer comedy because, I think laughing is the best stress reliever. I like  watching Just for Laughs Gags, they come up with funny ways to prank people. Watching a tv series is also a way that I like to disengaged from the day’s events and get wrapped up in the drama of the show.


5. Read

A book with a good story-line helps me escape into another world. I mainly enjoy reading biographies and memoirs because I find it nice to follow someone else’s life journey. It helps me see life from a different perspective.

6. Game Night 

I enjoy spontaneous games night with family or friends. I think its the easiest way to have fun and be happy for a few hours.

At the end of the day, its important we relieve ourselves from stress especially when we’re at home. The mental break is beneficial to our overall well-being.

So how do you de-stress after a difficult day?


Share your ideas in the comments below.

Stay Balanced,

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