4 Reasons Why You Need A Lunch Break

If you’re a work-a-holic like I am at times, you know what it feels like to be chained to your desk without a lunch break because you have a looming deadline. When work piles up and deadlines are hanging over my head, I really (really!) have a hard time getting up to eat lunch. Of course I wish I could just stop time so I can grab something to eat but unfortunately I can’t. I know that it’s probably best for my body and my brain that I take a break, but I don’t always put this into action.

I wanted to find more reasons of why a lunch break is important, so I could motivate myself to step away from my desk when work gets super busy. So after browsing the internet for a bit, I found a post by Intelligence for Your Life which had a pretty good list of reasons I could keep in mind. I’ve paraphrased some of the tips from the post here:

1. Restores energy

Not only does a break de-stress our brains, but eating a meal during our break restores our energy. This means we can work more efficiently when we return to work.

2. Change of scenery.

Changing our environment gives our brains the break and relief it needs so you’re not over stressing in the afternoon. So eat lunch in the cafeteria, outdoors or in your lobby, your work will thank you.

3. Socializing is good!

Having social interaction is actually healthy for us (yay!). So get up, get social and talk about everything except work.

4. It’s enjoyable.

Give your lunch break undivided attention.  We  enjoy our meals when we are engaging all our senses. I’m sure this will give you more energy to power through the rest of the day.

To read the full post from Intelligence for Your Life on lunch habits click here.

Stay Balanced!

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