3 Simple Ways To Help You Through A Day With No Sleep

Starting the day off with no sleep is the worst feeling in the world. When it happens to me, I’m counting down the hours, minutes and seconds till I can get home and dive into bed. And honestly, those days are the longest of LIFE.

I have a hard time getting through days like this, and I’m sure you do too because let’s face it, we’re human.

So here are 3 ways for you (and me) that I found on the web:

1. Eat breakfast:

no sleep

It’s been said that eating a healthy breakfast when you wake up will help you be more alert (source: the financial diet). The keyword here being healthy, protein-based example eggs, yogurt or lean meat), whole grains and fruit. A sugary breakfast will make you crash a lot sooner

2. Natural light:

no sleep

Stick close to daylight especially sunlight. We have something in us called circadian which tells our body’s when we feel tired or awake. So when you are exposed to sunlight it triggers the awake feeling. So if you’re at the office and not near a window,  try to get a lot of outdoor breaks by taking a 10-minute walk. The fresh air will help too.

3. Light lunch:

no sleep

Try to avoid a heavy (fried) lunch or a sugary lunch, because those types of food will definitely make your energy plunge way low, making you feel even more tired. So sticking to proteins, veggies, and fruits just like you did for breakfast will definitely help you out.

Stay Balanced!



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