3 Self Care Ideas as Told by Gina Rodriquez

I think  self care ideas are becoming so popular these days on blogs and other social media. It’s great seeing girls really making an effort care for their well being.  Many lifestyle blogs have s a dedicated section to wellness and health. Again, this is great. But, I find a lot of the advice out there has or is becoming very repetitive.

When it comes to self care ideas, its pretty common place to go to the spa, get a mani pedi, or go on a trip to “treat yo self”. Don’t get me wrong, I love these ideas, I do them to help me relax and pamper myself. But  I’m always looking for different ways and perspectives to take care of myself.

So when I started to look for different perspectives and ideas on self care I’m really glad I found blog posts and tweets from Gina Rodriquez.

If you don’t know her, she is the star of a new(ish) series called Jane The Virgin (I love this show), a lot of girls have fallen in love with the character she plays on the show and also her personality/character in real life.

Based on various intervews quotes and tweets, its easy to sum up from her perspective that self care comes from a place that is emotionally and mentally well. Self care isn’t just activities you do but the way you think and perceive yourself, aka self- love.

Let’s dive in…

Changing the voice in your head

The first self care idea is about changing your inner conversation through positive thinking. Turning off the negative voice in your head is a way to mentally care for yourself.

In an interview, Gina shares how she overcame the battle of the voice in her head by detailing her journey .

“Why do we allow that voice that we get inside when we look in the mirror,” she asks. “‘Oh you look fat. Oh God the pimple! Oh my God that skin. Oh my God no one is going to love me.’ Who is that voice? I started to realize that little demon that was inside of me, and I was going to find my unicorn and I was going to let them have a conversation because that unicorn was the one that was like, ‘No, no, no. It’s just a freaking pimple. It’s just five pimples. They will go away eventually. It’s okay. Look at that smile though. Alright, so you’re curvier today. Yeah let’s work those curves.’”

“For women on this journey, have a conversation with yourself,” Gina advises. “Recognize the voice that comes in but wants to tear down the beautiful amazing human being that you are. You know what? You are the most beautiful human being on this planet. Compared to no one. You hear what I’m saying? You are the most beautiful you. You are the best version of yourself”

What’s does the voice in your head sound like lately? How will you find the will power to change that voice into a positive one?  Make an effort to have a conversation with yourself about this voice.


Self Acceptance

Being able to just be, and be present is so uplifting to anyone. You don’t have to worry about what people think, feel or say about you. I know this is such a vital trait to have and I love the advice Gina gives about it.

“The reason I think I’m able to present myself to the world with both makeup on and off and feel confident is because I’m thinking about the beauty that’s true in me, which is my character, and everything else is fun,” says Gina. “So whether I post a picture of myself at the gym or on the red carpet, they look the same to me because I can see myself, I can look at myself and find my beauty…”

Are you caring for yourself by accepting who you are? How you’re made? And the gifts and talents that or in you?

How do you see the beauty in your yourself?  It’s never too late to take steps towards confidence and self acceptance. Take time to write down all the great things that make you, you. Focus on the positive and not the negative (remember point 1!, changing the voice in your head).

Create a wellness plan

I never thought a plan for self care was necessary because I always saw self care as a spontaneous activity you do when you stressed out. But in an interview with Well and Good, Gina’s says, “Seeking out what’s going to make you the healthiest you—getting information about your body and what you need to create the healthiest you is individual and personal. You don’t need to buy into any lifestyle besides your own and what best fits your body.”

So what things make you the happiest and healthiest? Is it reading a book? Eating a healthy meal? Being around people who inspire you? Write them down and plan how you are going to participate in those items weekly or daily.


Stay balanced!



Feature photo via Women’s Health Magazine.

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  1. I love Gina Rodriguez and these tips are amazing! When you think about it, we don’t treat ourselves as well as we should and definitely not as well as we treat other people. We need to make sure to care for ourselves no matter how crazy life gets 🙂

    1. First of all, Thank you for ready my post AND commenting!!
      I totally agree. Being kind to ourselves via self care is especially when life is crazy is the way to go.

      Nicky. 🙂

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