Health Before Career


My career and health is something has been hard to balance. As you might have read in my bio, my obsessive journey for balance started from a high stress job. The stress I was experiencing might have happened because i was overreacting to difficult situations. I definitely thought that one day things would get better.  I periodically had heart palpation’s throughout the day because of stress. My heart would beat really hard and fast to the point where it slightly hurt. My stress also caused me to lose weight, weight I didn’t have to lose in the first place because I’m already thin. That was the point where I realized that something needed to change.

When it came to my career and health, I was being optimistic, hoping that things would change. I managed to convince myself that we were just going through the notorious ‘”busy” season at work. So I continued working and I kept ignoring the things I was feeling physically. But nothing changed after almost a year.


I spent lots my commuting time trying to figure out ways to make the situation better so I could stay at my job. But the only solution I could come up with was to leave because it was taking an obvious toll on me. So that’s exactly what I did, of course with lots of planning. Since I didn’t have another job lined up, I had to ensure things like finances were in place in order to take this step. I did it and it was the best decision I ever made for my health. I don’t recommend the idea of leaving a job but this is what worked for me.

Side note: If you’re through a similar situation have to figure out what’s best for you, an easy solution is to maybe learn stress management techniques.


I have to thank God that everything worked out seamlessly since I received a new job a few months later. My career and health are in a good place. This decision proved to me that my health and my well-being were more important than my dream job. “Losing my life was more important than losing my job” as Laura Donovan wrote in a post on her blog. I’m glad I chose to put my health first and I continue to learn from this experience everyday.

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Stay Balanced!

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